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It is an on-demand rental service that operates 24/7 round the clock. Members can rent the vehicle for both leisure and commercial usage on hourly or daily basis.

How is CLOUDCARS different from other car sharing?

CLOUDCARS works in a very seamless model where the web-app functions like a universal key without the need of having a physical key. We are currently the only operator in Singapore that offers delivery service to ‘out of reach’ areas at your convenience.

How do I register as a member?

You must be

  1. Between 23 – 65 years old
  2. Be a Singaporean/PR who possesses a valid Singapore driving license with 2 years of local driving experience (as indicated on your Singapore driving licence) or holding an employment with valid Singapore Driving License of at least 2 years.
  3. New Drivers that is less than 23 years old and old have less than 2 years local driving experience may also apply but they would be subjected to additional requirements. See Terms and Conditions for more information.
How can I join CLOUDCARS?

Click on this link to sign up online, no membership fees required*!

If you have questions, please speak to our online support Monday – Friday: 10am – 10pm SGT (excluding PH). We will be more than happy to answer some of your questions not listed here.

If require any further information, we may will request an appointment with you at our office before subsequent approval and activation of your account.

Can I make transactions without a Debit / Credit Card?

If you do not have a credit/debit card, an amount of S$500.00/- will be collected in cash for security deposit. However, you are required to have a credit/debit card for online top up.

What are the costs involved?

A refundable security deposit will be collected per session at S$200/- (Singaporean/PR with local driving licence) or S$1000/- (Foreigners with local or international driving license) deducted through credit/debit card when you register online. An additional S$100/- security deposit applies for New Drivers.

Rental is chargeable at an hourly rate. The security deposit will be refunded back to you within 30 calendar days only upon termination of membership.

What is CLOUDCARS+ (Premium Membership)?

A refundable security deposit will be collected per session at S$200/- (Singaporean/PR with local driving licence) or S$1000/- (Foreigners with local or international driving license) deducted through credit/debit card when you register online. An additional S$100/- security deposit applies for New Drivers.

Rental is chargeable at an hourly rate. The security deposit will be refunded back to you within 30 calendar days only upon termination of membership.

Can I add named driver to my reservation?

Yes, you can add up to two named driver, chargeable at 10% for current member and 30% for non-member per booking whichever that is higher. The non-member must also fulfil the requirements (in terms of eligibility such as driving experience, age and possession of valid driving licence.).

My friend is also a member with CLOUDCARS. Can he drive when the reservation is made under my account?

Please be aware that sharing of account is not allowed on our platform. You can however add him under as ‘Additional Driver’ to ensure sufficient insurance coverage for him.

Are there any contractual terms I should be aware of as member with CLOUDCARS?

All members have to agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to signing up. The Terms and Conditions are subject to review and changes. Please refer to for the latest Terms and Conditions.

Why are your vehicles not affixed with Private Hire Vehicle Decal?

Unlike our competitors, we like our vehicles to be maintained at the highest quality possible. We regret that Private Hire Drivers are unable to hire our vehicles for any ride hailing usage.

However, should you have any enquiry for any ride-hailing vehicles, feel free to email us at We will respond to you the soonest we receive your enquiry.

When will my account be activated?

Once all relevant documents have been received, our backend support team will proceed to verify and activate your account within 48 hours. Please ensure that all documents uploaded are clear and full colour format.

For the avoidance of doubt, the data collected are strictly in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012, Singapore. If you have any enquiries on how we collect and utilise your data, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

My account is disabled, what should I do?

We are sorry but your account may be temporarily disabled due to administrative issues. You may chat with us via our Telegram Handle: Cloudcars; with your Full Name, Email and Contact Number or email us at with the title: Account Disabled (Full Name)

We will try to respond and expedite successful cases and reinstate your account within 24 hours.

I forgot my password!

To reset your password, simply proceed to the Login webpage and click on “I Forgot My Password”. Click on the reset web link provided via email and you will be able to change your password accordingly.

How do I update my account information?

Only your contact number and email address can be updated by simply logging in to your account and clicking on “Edit Profile”.

Should you wish to change any other information (e.g.: Residential address) linked to your account; do write in to us at for assistance.

How do I reserve with CLOUDCARS?

You can reserve a car at after registration.

How long in advance must I book a car?

You can book a car up to 3 weeks in advance or you can make an on-the-spot booking and collect the car immediately.

Car is subjected to a first-come-first serve basis.

Can I pick up the car earlier?

If there is no booking on the vehicle you book for the previous hour, you can pick up the car 30 minutes earlier. Just refresh the Account page 30 minutes before your pickup time to check if you are eligible. There will be a prompt message: “Car is available for early pick-up”

How short can I book a car for?

The minimum reservation length for any booking is three hours.

Can I request for a vehicle at my neighbourhood?

Definitely! We will accede to your request as long as we have more than 10 members staying within 2km of the carpark vicinity. Our cars will be parked at an allotted Multi-Storey Carpark to minimise prolonged exposure to weathering.

We are also in the pilot phase to cater to potential members staying in private properties (i.e.: Condominiums, Landed properties etc.). Once you have gathered at least 10 members, you can request for the management to work with us and we will settle the rest.

You mentioned that you provide a delivery service, how does it work?

As long as your booking is more than 24 hours and your desired vehicle is available, but not within your area, we provide complimentary delivery to your area. Do take note that your booking has to be made at least two hours beforehand to facilitate the delivery process.

This service is only available for members who are paying CLOUDCARS+ membership.

What is 'Car Availablity'? How do I make use of it?

“Car Availability” displays the category availability for the days selected.

What is this $200 (Malaysia Usage) / $1000 (Performance Vehicle) authorisation hold?

If you book any cars in any of the Performance category (e.g. for Mercedes Benz A45), or if you make a booking for Malaysia use, you will be required to approve an authorisation hold by CLOUDCARS for the length of the booking or for at least 7 days. If you use a credit card, this reduces your available balance but do not appear as a charge on your statement.

This is similar to placing an authorisation hold on your credit card when you check into a hotel.

If your booking extends beyond 7 days, you may be requested to re-approve this authorisation. If there are any damages, accidents, fines or any other charges incurred by you, we will capture this charge to offset any outstanding balance due from you. Otherwise, this authorisation will be cancelled within 24 hours after your session ends.

If you are unable to complete the authorisation hold, there will be no refund or partial refund for the booking. This is so even if the booking was utilized partially or not utilised at all.

What is the time frame for me to make changes to my booking?

Amendments to bookings are not allowed. If you need to amend your booking, please cancel and make a new booking. The cancellation policy can be found here.

I wish to extend my reservation. How can I do it?

Click on the extend button and indicate the number of hours you would like to extend, there will be a notification to indicate if it is successful.

If you try to extend for 3 hours and it is unsuccessful, please reduce the number of hours for extension and try again. If you would like to make an extension during your trip, do note that no extension is allowed 15 minutes prior to reservation end time.

What is the amendment / cancellation policy?
  • Amendment / Cancellation more than 12 hours before rental: No penalty charge
  • Amendment / Cancellation 12 to six hours before rental: 50% penalty
  • Amendment / Cancellation less than six hours to start of rental: Full penalty charge

In the unlikely event of breakdown before your collection, a full refund will be given to you. In the unlikely event of breakdown during your reservation, the remaining hours will be refunded as hourly credits to your account.

What if I want to terminate my account?

Under your account settings, you can click on ‘Delete Account’ and another dialogue box will prompt you if you would ‘Confirm Delete Account?’ Do note that no administrative charges will be imposed but there will be a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ before onboarding with us again.

We regret to inform that should your account be involved in fraudulent activities or any unsettled accounts (accidents, disputes), we reserve our rights to hold your security deposit as stipulated within our Terms and Conditions.

How long will the refund of the security deposit take?

It may take up to 30 working days to process for the termination and your security deposit will be refunded back to you in a cheque. The reason for the duration is that we need to check for any fines, penalty, foreign summons, insurance and court case before our support team proceeds to close the account.

What happens if I am late for my booking or if I did not turn up?

Charges will begin from the time you made your reservation, regardless of the usage of the car.

What are the charges for returning the car late?

For every 15 minutes block (or part thereof) that you are late, you will be penalized S$10.00 and this will be compensated to the next member.

For festive charges, you will be levied $20.00 for every 15 minutes block that you are late.


How much does it cost to rent for an hour?

Please refer to the rates table here.

You will be shown the nett total before you confirm the booking.

What does the payment consists of? Are there any hidden charges?

The payment consists of prevailing government taxes, insurance and transactional fees for payment platform. Prices are for rental on a pay-as-you-use basis. It does not cover incidental expenses such as parking, ERP and fuel.

For more questions on CLOUDCARS+, click here

Do I need to top up or store credits?

We hate confusing components as much as you do. Unlike most competitors, we function as a ‘pay-as-you-use’ platform. Therefore, just use your Debit / Credit card to make payments and your booking will be on its way!

If we have awarded you any incentives (i.e.: free hours), please remember to check your inbox as these promo codes will expire within one month of issue. Alternatively, you can apply these codes directly in-app via the booking page.

How and when will payment be deducted?

Once you made a reservation, your debit / credit card will be deducted upon the confirmation of the booking.


Where can I locate the car?

You can refer to your booking details after you login. A map with the details to the location can be found on your account page.

How do I unlock the car?

You will be prompted with a series of instructions in-app. Follow through the guidelines carefully and once you have completed, you will be directed to the main page where you are able to control the accessibility of the car’s functions (i.e.: Lock / Unlock / Honk / Hazard Lights) through your phone.

Due to the keyless nature of the vehicle, all our cars can be controlled via in-app during the time of your booking. Should your mobile signal be weak, do note that you can still operate the car’s functions by enabling your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Where are the car keys?

Due to the nature of our vehicles, we do not have any car keys within the vehicle.

What if the car is damaged?

Prior to the commencement of your rental, you will be prompted in-app to take photos of the car’s exterior and interior condition. If you do suspect any damages which cannot be captured during your ‘walk around’ shoots, please do a close-up photoshoot and attach the pictures in-app. The pictures uploaded into our servers will be kept as reference and you will not be liable for the existing damages.

Please do keep the images in your phone for the next 48 hours after you end your session. Should we require your assistance, these photos may come in handy.

Can I return the car at a different location?

No, you have to return the car to the exact parking lot where you took it; with the exception of CLOUDCARS+ members.

If I get down from the car during my reservation, do I use my phone to lock the car?

Yes, please use the in-app function which will double up as your car key remote during the time of your rental.

Where can I park the car after my reservation?

Please return the car back to the same parking location where you picked up. If you are unable to park your car within the range of carpark lot numbers, report issue to let us know which Deck/Lot you have parked at.

Note that your rental period is only successfully completed after you click on end trip. Do arrive 10 minutes before your booking end to end trip to avoid late penalty charges.

How can I end my reservation?

After you have parked the car, collect your belongings, remove any trash and tap the “End Trip” button. A blue lamp beside the steering wheel will light up after the door is locked. Do note that the reservation will only end until you have successfully locked the door and the page displays the message “Your reservation has ended. Thank you for using CLOUDCARS”.

If you receive an error message, please try to “End Trip” two more times. Otherwise, email us immediately with the issue and you may leave the car.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the end of your trip at the parking location so you may have enough time to tidy the car for the next customer. For safety reasons, you must unbuckle all seat belts before ending the trip.

I got an ERP fine/parking ticket. What should I do?

Please make payment within the next 5 working days at any AXS station or at If not, we will send your particulars to the relevant authorities and they will send you a fine notice separately and charge an administration fee of S$10.00 which will be incurred on your next rental.

Do note that the deposit cannot be used to offset administrative charges.

Are pets allowed in the cars?

We strictly do not allow pets in our cars to be considerate to some members might be allergic to pets. You will be penalised S$200 if there are traces of fur found in the car.

Can I smoke in the car?

Smoking is strictly not allowed, even with the windows wound down. Members caught smoking will be penalised S$200. Holding a cigarette outside the car while driving is still considered smoking as well.

Who pays for fuel?

Please top up fuel for your drive and return fuel at a minimum of ¼ tank. If the next members report that it is below ¼ tank; we will deduct $30 on your next hire. Members collecting the car have to take picture of the fuel light UPON IGNITION to show the picture of the fuel light and report issue within 15 minutes of reservation.

Do note that if you are booking on behalf of another member and if that member has an outstanding administrative penalty, it will be reflected on your booking confirmation page.

Do I need to do car wash and vacuumed?

Thank you for being civic minded! You could help us wash and vacuum the vehicle at any car wash outlet in Singapore / Malaysia if you do feel that the car is too dirty (i.e.: too much sand, dirt etc). For your civic-mindedness, you will be awarded a free hour rental* on your next booking.

Please send pictures and receipt to and we will respond as soon as we can and award your incentive.

For vomits, spillages etc, which you may have discovered prior to your booking, please notify us via our Telegram Handle: Cloudcars with the carplate number you are assigned to. We will respond to you as soon as we get the information.

Where can I park the vehicle during the course of my booking?

You can park your vehicle anywhere but all parking cost will be borne by you.

Are they are any tips for driving?

For the Toyota Altis and Sienta, the parking brake is operated at the centre console area.

For the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG, the parking brake is operated at the extreme left of the footwell area (beside the brake). To release, there is a ‘P’ handle at the right side of the dash; pull to release the parking brake. To engage parking brake, step on the parking brake again.

Are there any regulations with regards to the use of Mercedes Benz AMG A45?

As this vehicle is a performance model, our system will filter out members who are below the age of 30 with less than 5 years’ driving experience due to insurer’s risk threshold.

Please ensure that your credit card facility has S$1000.00 for holding and S$1200.00 if you are travelling into Malaysia.

The vehicle is currently only available to CLOUDCARS+ level members.

Who takes cares of the car maintenance?

The maintenance of the vehicle will be borne by CLOUDCARS, Members must take note of the vehicle engine temperature, and any overheating due to Members’s negligence, repair and any miscellaneous cost shall be borne by the Members.

If there is any problem due to wear and tear or vehicle breakdown, the Members is to report to CLOUDCARS immediately and seek for advice/permission before proceeding to rectify the issue.

I left something behind in the car/I forgot to switch off the headlight. What should I do?

Please make a separate booking for an hour to retrieve the item or switch off the headlight. Write to us at and we will refund the booking. However, if you did drive during the booking, we are unable to reimburse you. Alternatively, if you see the next members, please seek for his/her assistance.

What insurance coverage do you have?

The vehicle is covered with comprehensive motor insurance in place for all the vehicles. Own damage excess per accident from S$3000 & 3rd party excess per accident from S$3000 (Subject to GST of 7%). Kindly note that insurance coverage only covers the body work of the car and downtime for the rental period will be charged separately depending on the duration of repair required.

What is Collision Damage Waiver and what is its function?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces insurance excess, both own damage and third party damage by 50% in the event of any accident.

Members can opt in for CDW by paying additional $5 per day, per session of the rental, depending on vehicle type.

Note: As a CLOUDCARS+ member, CDW is complimentary for the first booking session of every month; thereafter a subsidised rate of $5 per day applies.

* Above quoted amounts are subjected to GST charges.

I got into an accident. What should I do and what should I note?

If the car is in working condition, please drive to our appointed reporting centre during office hours. The reporting centres can be found within our in-app guide

If the car is unable to move, please press the button on your phone that indicates “breakdown. We will activate our tow service.

In any circumstances, do not attempt to engage any Third Party service provider aside from the vendors indicated within our in-app guidelines.

If you are involved in an accident, you will also be obligated to file an accident report to our appointed reporting centre the next business day.

Please take pictures of all the damage and scene of the insurance for claim that might be filed. Get independent witness (bystanders), request for their contact information and get them to write down what they saw. Take note if any party apologizes or accepts responsibility and notify us of the information.

Should you require any onsite assistance, feel free to contact us via our Telegram Handle: Cloudcars or contact our 24/7 operations hotline.

Please also be reminded to click on “End Trip” button after our support team has acknowledged the incident.

What should I do in an emergency?

Keep calm. Contact us immediately on our 24/7 operations hotline and we will advise you the next action to take. You may wish to know that no replacement car will be provided for your booking(s).

I got a punctured tire/flat battery/breakdown. What should I do?

Please tap the Breakdown button in your accounts page to contact us.

If there is a punctured tire, please change it yourself and send the car to the workshop to change the tire. An administrative fee of S$50.00 will be charged for on-road assistance on top of repair or replacement of car part to be charged to the customer.

If it is due to wear and tear, all charges will be borne by us.

I press on unlock but nothing happens? What should I do?

Please ensure that you have your mobile data connected while in-app; alternatively, you may try unlocking the car in-app via your phone’s Bluetooth. If all else fails, please contact our support team via Telegram Handle: Cloudcars with your Booking ID.

We regret that in the unfortunate event if such technical difficulties happen, we will have to refund your rental session accordingly. Alternatively, you can write in to with the heading: ‘Technical Dispute (Booking ID) and will refund you accordingly.

I press on 'End Trip' button. The car is locked but the page displays an error message. What should I do?

If the car is physically locked, find somewhere with better reception and refresh the page first. You will be able to check that you have successfully ended the trip.

What happens if I have a back-to-back booking?

If the car-plate is the same, you can continue your booking and end trip when your second booking ended. If the car-plate is different, you will have to return the car back to your original location to swap the vehicle. You can check if the car plate is the same under your “Bookings” tab.

What are the requirements for driving the car into Malaysia?

Booking of at least 12 hours for any category is required.

Additional 30% surcharge and compulsory CDW on top of total rental

Member will have to authorize a credit/debit authorization hold of $200 to start trip.

Can all the cars be driven to Malaysia?

All our vehicles are allowed to be driven into Malaysia. The charges will be computed automatically upon selection and booking confirmation.

What happens if the car experiences a breakdown in Malaysia?

Contact CLOUDCARS using the Need Help (Breakdown/Emergency) button in their accounts page

Member will have to call our Malaysia breakdown hotline at: 1-800-88-3833

Member will be responsible for any towing fee up to the causeway. Member is also allowed to send the car for simple repairs for battery, tyres, air conditioning system. All costs and expenses arising from the breakdown of the vehicle such as towing fee, loss/damage reparation costs will be borne by the Member and no reimbursement will be given.

What happens if you get into an accident in Malaysia?

Insurance excess will be doubled at for own damage excess per accident & doubled for 3rd party excess per accident. Compulsory CDW will reduce members excess for own damage per accident & 3rd party excess per accident. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Members will have to make arrangement for tow up to the mid bridge of the causeway if the car is no longer operable.

Members will also not abandon the Vehicle without any adequate provision for safeguarding. Members must also sought prior approval by Cloudcars support team to leave the car.

What happens if the vehicle is stolen/lost in Malaysia?

Members will have to make a police report and inform CLOUDCARS by pressing on the “Breakdown” button under “Need Help” on their booking page immediately.

What are the things to note if I am driving to Malaysia?

No extension allowed and late return charges apply.

CEPAS Autopass Card or Autopass Card will not be provided


Do you provide car seats for children?

We are afraid that we do not provide child seats.

What can I contact if I need to enquire?

Please email us at our hotline: and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

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